About Us

About Us

Rubber Product Manufacturing

Exclusive Contents Sdn Bhd is a rubber product manufacturing company specializing in injection, compression moulded and extrusion products based in Klang, Selangor. We utilize a full range of natural and synthetic rubbers to produce high quality technical rubber parts that are highly durable and suited for automotive, motorcycle, civil, household and others industrial purposes. The common range of rubber used includes NR, SBR, BR, IIR, NBR, NBR/PVC, CR, EPDM, Silicone, ACM, ECO and Viton.

Sulfur vulcanization and peroxide systems are also available to suit customers' requirements. Each product range has been conceived with diligence to meet the exacting standards of quality.
We are a reputed name with a proven track record of excellence, established with over ten years of expertise in the industry, providing only top-notch quality products that are dedicated to meet customers' requirements.

Exclusive Contents Sdn Bhd's mission ultimately aims to create a strong and stable industry, and to continuously strive to be a global leader with a good track record of effective and comprehensive products. We abide 3 strong mottos in carrying out our mission including:

Customer Trust
Earning through the quality of our products, services, responsiveness, and accountability to both our customers and partners.
Comprehensive Solutions
Working closely with customers to understand their needs, assessing the required technology, and providing solutions for new requirements or customers' concerns.
Innovative & Cost Effective
Combination of materialistic and technological innovation, openness in sharing knowledge, getting feedback, and keeping a healthy growth rate through teamwork.